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At Thomas Buxton we have many policies that cover all aspects of school life, many can be downloaded here but if you can't find something you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

Acceptable Use Policy

Accessibility Policy

Admission, New Arrivals and Transition Procedure

Assessment and Tracking Policy

Behaviour - Parents Leaflet

Behaviour Policy and Handbook

Calculation Policy - Addition/Subtraction

Calculation Policy - Division/Multiplication

Charging Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Data Protection and Information Management Policy

Drug, Alcohol and Smoking Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 

Educational Visits Policy

Equality Policy

Equality Statement

Fair Access Protocol (In-Year Admission)

Food Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Healthy School Policy

Home School Agreement

Mental Maths

Personal Education & SRE Policy

Personal Education & SRE Policy Appendix 2 - Subject Overview PHSE (Including Sex Ed, Drugs Ed and Citizenship)

Personal Education & SRE Policy Appendix 3 - Progression in Topics in Each Phase

Physical Activity Policy

Privacy Notice


Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 1 - Child Protection Procedures

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 2 - Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 3 - The Prevent Duty

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 4 - Children Missing Education

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 4 - Letter for Notification to LA of Child Taken Off School Admisisons and Attendance Registers

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 5 - Internet E-safety and Security

Safeguarding Policy Appendix 6 - Child Sexual Exploitation

SEND Local Offer

SEND Policy

Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Teaching and Learning Policy

Whistleblowing Policy


Governing Board Statement of Behaviour Principles Draft

Governor Attendance Policy

Statutory Guidance

Keeping children safe in education

Keeping children safe in education - Part 1 (Information for all school and college staff)

Policies and Document Checklist

Statutory Policies and Documents