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Year Groups

Classes in the school have been named after Scientists of the world. For more information about what's going on in each year group click on the name:

Foundation Phase Leader - J. Harvey

Goodall - S. Mehbuba

Darwin - L. Sillars

Attenborough - M. Sunni

Strachan - R. Boutflour / J. Harvey

Jemison - S. Braund

KS1 Phase Leader - S. Marseglia

Newton - S. Bolton

Einstein - A. Alom

Anning - K. Maynard

Franklin - A. Turnbull

Lower KS2 Phase Leader - D. Ash

Carson - S. Rebelo

Potter - B. Ralf

Avicenna - S. Bano

Aristotle - F. Islam

Upper KS2 Phase Leader - A. Chau

Heng - A. Huddleston

Turing - D. Hodges


Mendel - S. Hopkins

Hawking - A. Muhib