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Year 6 staged School of Rock for their end of year performance. It was brilliant! You are IN the band Y6.

TBP_Headteacher | 5 hours ago via Twitter

Interfaith week

During Interfaith week, Year 3 enjoyed exploring other faiths an incredible amount. The week began with a discussion about what a community is. Did you know we belong to many different types of...

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Reading and Camping in the Rain!

Whatever the weather, we love reading outdoors at Thomas Buxton Primary! This week, every child in Years 3 and 4 received a book that they had chosen from the National Literacy Trust. To celebrate...

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Summer Activities 2019 - Every Monday in August, 1-3pm, the Mile End Park team will be running inclusive play sessions in our children’s park. -

thomasbuxtonsch | 11 hours ago via Twitter

Interfaith Week in Year 5

We enjoyed a fascinating Interfaith Week in year 5 this year.  We were focused on Humanism and Christianity – we compared and contrasted both faiths and considered their perspectives regarding...

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Year 1 – Interfaith Week

As part of interfaith week Year 1 learned about what it means to belong to a faith community. At the start of the week we had a go at identifying all the different groups we belong to. During the...

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The communities of @StAnnesCPS and @thomasbuxtonsch came together for the Abraham Project today. #unitedcommunity . Well done children, families and staff.

TBP_Headteacher | 3 days ago via Twitter

Year 2’s Interfaith week

Thomas Buxton’s Interfaith week ran from Monday 24th June. The theme the week was ‘community’ and we were very lucky to have an assembly with a visit from Imam Mohammed Mahmoud from East London...

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Today the children totally independently created their own wedding scene based around their experiences, complete with numicon phones for taking pictures, a pine cone as a make-up brush and a unifix wedding cake! #eyfs #play #understandingtheworld

ThomasBuxtonEY | 4 days ago via Twitter

Interfaith week

Do you want to know what year 4 got up to during interfaith week? Read our weekly diary below to find out! Monday: Year 4 started the week by visiting Sri Murugan Temple. We were in awe of the...

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Thomas Buxton Primary School is a two-form community primary school with a nursery. We are situated right in the heart of Whitechapel's vibrant, multicultural community. 

The Headteacher is Mrs Lorraine Flanagan, you can find out more information about the school on this site and in our prospectus.


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Ofsted have confirmed that Thomas Buxton Primary school is an OUTSTANDING school. We are so proud that the dedication of staff, Governors, the children and our families has been recognised in this way.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our 2018/19 fundraising effort. So far we have raised an incredible:


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Well done to everyone who has come into school on time and every day this week.




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Summer Activities 2019

Every Monday in August, 1-3pm, the Mile End Park team will be running inclusive play sessions in our childrens park

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