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Mission Statement

East 1 is a partnership of schools in Tower Hamlets. We work together to empower our community through raising the aspirations and achievements of pupils, families and staff.

We want our children and families to have high aspirations, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and be able to innovate effectively.


East 1 Schools working in partnership. Raising Aspirations. Broadening Horizons.


For Pupils, we aim:

  • To promote excellence and ambition through widening our pupils’ cultural, creative and sporting opportunities
  • To develop pupil voice and leadership skills across the partnership
  • To make outstanding progress

For Parents and Carers, we aim:

  • To empower parents and carers to play an active role in their children's learning
  • To develop parents’ and carers’ skills for employment and increase their awareness of career opportunities for themselves and their children
  • To sustain the process of primary to secondary transfer within the cluster

For Staff, we aim:

  • To develop best practice of teaching, learning and leadership across the partnership

Strategic Vision

2014 - 15 Healthy Families   

2015 - 16 East 1 Arts  

2016 - 17 East 1 Readers

2017 - 18 World of Work and Technology

2018 - 19 Creating Our Future

E1 Schools’ theme for 2018-2019 is ‘Creating our Future’

It’s broad theme for each school to interpret and collectively celebrate in July 2019.

It takes its lead from last year’s ‘World of Work and Technology’ extending to ‘local and global environment, ethics and sustainability issues’ and ‘developing creative talents and skills for manufacturing through the creative arts.’  WE believe communities need arts as part of their heritage and culture just as much as the future requires qualifications in STEM. We will continue to explore the theme of the world of work with a focus on the skills and qualities which may be required to create our broader future.

Each school, through the annual Pupil Parliament review and action planning in November, should identify 3 themes to prioritise pupil and school led actions which can be celebrated collectively across the partnership and community of E1Schools’ Partnership.

E1 Schools make it a collective responsibility to ensure pupils have a range of age related opportunities to explore the theme of ‘Creating our Future’  and to develop attitudes and characteristics which will enable them to access future opportunities.  Our Pupil Parliament, is a vehicle for this as is each of our schools’ enriched curriculum.  We are developing Key Drivers within our curriculum to support this focus including elements of PSHE and SMSC. Through interpretation of our curriculum it is not extra it is embedded within.

You can find out more on the E1 Schools website.