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School Garden (1989 - 1991)


Ansar Ali - Wow nice to see Miss Thomas comment on this page.
She was once my Teacher around 1981/2

Kulsuma Begum - HI I went to Thomas Buxton around 89 to 91. I left at 1991 aged 7 to 8 as I was moving home. I had an older sister called Halima Begum who was three years older and a cousin same age as me called Majidul/Atiqur Haque. I know this may be impossible but wondering if anyone can share any memories, pics or people that knew me/classmates. Thanks so much! As I am so sad as I seem to have forgotten a lot about my childhood

Shiria khanom - OMG these old pictures bring back such lovely memories of my school days. I also recognised some of the teachers and students! What a trip down memory lane....would love to see some more of these old pictures..

Shanaj Begum - I really would like a class photo of me which I don’t have one for memory. I would much appreciate if can get hold of one.

Many Thanks

Sarah Thomas teacher at TB 1980to 1990 - Lovely to see old photos of the garden being constructed.

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