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School Garden (1989 - 1991)


Thomas Buxton Primary School - Thank you for the lovely comments, we would love to share more of your memories of Thomas Buxton Primary School from 80s and 90s.
If you have any photos or pictures you would like to share, please email it to;
mark it for attention of Ali Azad.

Iqbal Miah 1980 - 1990 - I can see my self in one of the photos. I still remember that time. Also I think I remember the name Shanaj from Ms Ackermans Class. I could be wrong. I did have a class photo which I have to look for. I will find a way to share.

Abdul Rob - Brings back a lot of old memories

Ansar Ali - Wow nice to see Miss Thomas comment on this page.
She was once my Teacher around 1981/2

Kulsuma Begum - HI I went to Thomas Buxton around 89 to 91. I left at 1991 aged 7 to 8 as I was moving home. I had an older sister called Halima Begum who was three years older and a cousin same age as me called Majidul/Atiqur Haque. I know this may be impossible but wondering if anyone can share any memories, pics or people that knew me/classmates. Thanks so much! As I am so sad as I seem to have forgotten a lot about my childhood

Shiria khanom - OMG these old pictures bring back such lovely memories of my school days. I also recognised some of the teachers and students! What a trip down memory lane....would love to see some more of these old pictures..

Shanaj Begum - I really would like a class photo of me which I don’t have one for memory. I would much appreciate if can get hold of one.

Many Thanks

Sarah Thomas teacher at TB 1980to 1990 - Lovely to see old photos of the garden being constructed.

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