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Anti-Bullying Week 2018 - Nursery


Umar Miah’s mum - How cute! So much love.. let’s keep spreading that.

Sultana- Ayyads Aunt - Well done ayad and all his friends. This is a great video.

Zakaria - So much love! Bless you dear Umar Abubakr and friends

Bilal's mum - Aww this is so cute well done Nursery class!

Uncle Forhad - Great to see Umar Abubakr and all the little stars ⭐️ Having a wonderful friendship :)

Umar Abubakr’s Dad - Great show of friendship! Well done my little hug monster Umar & friends 👍🏼

Raju - well done Ayyad and his class, excellent video

Aysha - Well done Ayad and friends!

Najmin-Umars Aunti - They are sooo cute.Well done to Umar baba and all of his cute friends..❤️❤️

Auntie Anika - super hero Ayyad always impressing me with your charms
love u loads

Ayaad's grandma - I am very proud of you Ayaad and your friends keep your spirits up guys . You looked like you were having so much fun so beautiful.WONDERFUL

Auntie Hanifa - Ayyad my protector you protecting your school friends
Proud off you baba

Shahanara - So much love, great friendship

Uncle Jahangir - Super boy Ayyad as always taking care of everyone top man
Keep up the good works

Suhayla-Mendel-Year6 - You are all so cute and kind to each other. It reminds me of nursery. You've got a friend in me

Babul Akhtar - Good job Umar Abubakr :) and the rest of the children

Khadija aktar umar abubakars' aunty - Well done uamr, we are really proud of you. Here is big hug for you 🤗. It's reallly nice to see how children heaving fun .it's a a good way to teach kids to live this world peacfullly with no boundaries . Well done nursery .keep up your good work.

Umar - Keep up the good work

Uncle Rob - well done Umar and Ayyad great video

Aysha Lima Umar Abubakr’s Mum - Well done to Umar & friends. Keep up the warmth of friendship and have lots of fun ❤️❤️

Zakariya’s Aunt - Well done Zakariya and friends! Such a lovely video 😊

Jhorna umars auntie - Well done umar I love the hugs that u was given to all ur friends so proud of ur hard work keep it up

Ambia - Zakariya & friends did a fantastic job with the video! Well done kids!

Rupia, Ayyad and Umars Auntie - Welldone to the nursery. Ayyad and Umar hugging each other😘 too cute. Well done.

Sadia - Well done Ayad and friends. Auntie is so proud of you! Ayana said well done too xx Your a great role model for your little sister!

shorifa - awww amazing well done nursery..

Mirzanur - Well done to ayyad and his friends, what a great video

Rob - Ayyad my hero daddy’s so proud of you and all your friends in your school
Keep up with your good social skills
My gurdian Angel

Ferdusi - Well done kids! Great work!

Shaheen - Aww soo cute, well done all !!

Aleef (The Uncle) - Well done Ayad and all your friends. You have shown us how to b friends, you made us all proud, Zoha said welldone. X

Ayyads aunty - Well done, a great way to start nursery. Keep up the good friendship.

Jhorna - Ayyad friends & teachers
Great team work
Very proud of you all

Luca's Mummy - Well done nursery for making new friends!

Jaheda - Awww they all look sooo cute together

Hamza - That was very nice nursery class.. yous look like you had so much fun!! I wish I could be that age again and have so much fun

Khadija - Well done nursery you all are friend nice to see thats

Ruba - Ifra's mum - Great work kids!!!! I'm liking the hugs 🤗

liyanah haniyahs sister - WONDERFUL

Ms Zinath Begum - Wonderful to see all the friends in Nursery. Well done.

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