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Anti-Bullying Week 2017 - Year 6


sayf colombia - Best ever. 100,000 out of 100,000

Enayah Cambodia - Well done Columbia and Chile class. I couldn't stop watching it i'm proud of you

Meagan-Cambodia class - Well done Columbia and Chile class. I couldn't stop watching it.

Adil - u guys are the best

Umar Cuba - Amazing ,well done best one so far

Sumaiya K Year 6 (I left) - Well done! I am so proud of my class and for my friends. Keep it up Year 6! I loved this video. So far the best.

Tahia - that is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Inaaya - sooo funny!!!

mahbub uncle - very good work

Mariya - It was so fab. I liked the part when the teachers danced.

Tahmina-madagascar yr5 - WOW??

Saniyah yr6 - How amazing we truely are the winners!!!!!

Zara chile - What have I just watched? This is.. funny!

Zaara ( Colombia ) - At least we've got 1000 views. Even though we didn't win, it was fun to create and contribute in it together as a whole year group.

Maryam's dad - It very good! Good luck Maryam!!!

Best video ever - I like the way you guys understand bullying when you see it!!!

Jannat - Hope we win

Masuma [ Marjana's cousin] - I hope you win chila and colombia

saima - I think this video is the best
I really think we are going to win

Aayan-Chile - I hope we are going to win. keep it up guys we don't want year 5 to win or any other classes. Thank you miss John and Mr muhib for chooseing this song kiss the legends i am so happy.

sayf colombia - i love the video.well done

saima - great message
love the vid
great dancing mr muhib and miss john

Madiha - Good actions and moves

jannat - best entry

Inaaya - Great video guys :\ :]

Inaaya - Lets hope we win!!!!!! ;];];]

Suraiya's Dad - WOW! It's so amazing. And to think yr6 made this video awesome.

saima - great video

saima - i love the video

Mrs Begum ( Maryam's mother ) - Best video ever !!!
Hope you win Maryam and your year group!!!

Rabia - So good well done good luck

Fatima cuba - WOW

Mrs Begum ( Maryam's mum ) - BEST VIDEO EVER!!! Hope my daughter wins with her year group!!!

Marjana Chile - this is so good

Mahjabin Y6 Colombia - That's amazing I enjoyed that video and enjoyed being in it

Yusuf - Guys remember to keep watching a lot of other year groups have a lot of views like year 1 and year 5. WE CAN DO THIS!!!;) ;) ;):) :)

Inaaya - It was worth doing for all these comments and views so don't waste the perfect momment.

Inaaya - it was so funny!

Nayema - Well done you did a great job,hope we win.

Saniyah - It is SO amazing.. since I was recording the video :)
Also it was SSOOOO fun to record and to be in the video.

Ismail - I like it

Siham - This is sooooo cool !

Saminur(Colombia) - Guys keep watching this and reload it we need to be first and beat everyone especially year5

Abdullah - I will watch this all the time


Jannat - Hope we win

Umar ( year 5) - I can't wait to be in year 6 I'm so happy really good year 6

Aayan-Chile - I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Year 6 I thought I was going to cry.

Zainab in Chile Class - This video is so funny and creative! I really hope you win!!!

Hulkuma - I LOVE IT !!!! SUCH A GREAT MESSAGE !!!!

Faija Chile - Best video ever!


ayman chile class y6 - even we dont win this is the best video ever in the world!

Jannah - wow its so funny LOL.

Fahima yr5 - that was great I loved the bit were mrs Felix comes and dances with the other teachers that was funny

Inaaya - hope we win! :| ;| ;]

Inaaya - so amazing

umarah - wow. this turned out better than I thought. The song is one of those where you cant resist dancing. I can tell you put a lot of effort in to it . Hope we win :]

Love it - Love it

Maryam yr6 chile - I don't like the video
I love it!!!

Inaaya - Don't give up!'Just dance like nobody is watching!' ;] ;]

Inaaya - I think we are ready for 'Take Over!' ;] ;] ;]

Inaaya - It was so funny! #nomorebullying!

Inaaya - It was so much fun doing it!!!;]

Maria (suraiya's sis) - I love it. It was very funny

Yusuf(sami's cousin) - I hope u win.I miss u

Suraiya -colombia - I loved watching it as much as making it! I REALLY hope we win. GO COLOMBIA AND CHILE!!!!

Nayemas sister - It was fantastic.

Amelia Tahwidas Cousin - Amazing and great video guys loved it

Inaaya's aunty - Great video dancing was very good :-)

Samira - Well done hope you guys win

Mrs Flanagan - Wow! What a great message to share with the world Year 6. I think you are getting close to being ready for "Take Over" very soon. Well done.


Hafizah - Love it

Yusuf - Well done guys .Hope we win were going to get the highest views ever!!! :)

Tahwida - Great work Columbia and chile

Mr Muhib - Great work Colombia & Chile class. Such an amazing performance and incredibly proud of your effort.

Yasin Tahwidas cousin - Omg when I watched this video I found out it was the most funniest and most amazing videoI have ever watched

Saima - So good. The best one

Luala - Great guys

Miss John - What a wonderful message you have spread Year 6. Well done!

Saminur - This is the longest best video in the school and it is really funny at the start. Definitely this one is going to win.

Eva Rahman - I hope we win the competiton.

Ms Bibi - Nice moves year 6! What a positive message about celebrating our differences and treating everyone equally. Well done

Afrah mexico year4 - Well done

rehan - We hope you enjoyed it have a nice day but remember watch the other great videos

Eva Rahman - I hope we win the competition.

sayf colombia - Well done. That looked really fun especially tufa and me. You guys are pros

rehan - Best for the best

Zakira Mexico class - Well done, good work. I enjoyed the performance really well! Keep up all the work.....

Amin Hussains's cousin - Well done, you all did really well and have shown ur effort and support. Be a friend and never bully anyone. I enjoyed it really well; u shold never treat anyone in a horrible way and as you grow up you will understand why! It makes me happy as a secondary student to see young children do really well in projects like this and participate with other peers.

Hulkumas nephew - Riyad - This was AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!

Saima - Best anti bullying video ever!

Nayema mum - It was very FUNNY. Well done.

Amin DA ONE - COLOMBIA IS GONNA WIN! We are the one. Chile and Colombia keep watching to win and don't forget to comment

Amin DA BEST - Good job Chile and Colombia WE ARE GONNA WIN!

Zakira - Great job. Like it!

Inaaya - Well done COLOMBIA and CHILE!!!!!!

Siham - LUV IT!!!! You guys are amazing it's so coooooolllll!

Hongzhi liu - Amazing!

Hasan New Zealand - That was amazing

Inaaya's mum - It looked so fun

arif - very good very funny

mahbub - yes colombia

Inaaya - The best thing about friendship is that you have someone to lean on when you are upset,angry or even overwhelmed so appreciate what you have!That goes to you lot watching!wink,wink!

Anika Tiana Ahmed - I could tell you put hard work into it.Well done I enjoyed it a lot !

Nayema - Well done Colombia and Chile class.

Inaaya - be a buddy not a bully.

Inaaya - The best one yet!

Fahim Cambodia - Amazing Colombia and chile

ayman chile class - amazing.this vid is a bit funny but i liked it so much.well done y6

Ms Z Begum - Best entry

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