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Anti-Bullying Week 2017 - Year 4


rayan - the best

Amisha - Year 4 into year 5 Im still watching this I’m watching all these anti-bullying videos we all did great!

Amin - Well done

Zakira - I can't believe that i'm still watching this. It's been ages since I've watched this. I just miss it a lot and I can't stop watching!

Umar Year 3 - Best song ever

Tamanna Amin malaysia - BEST ONE EVER!!!!!!!!

raeesah - well done

rayan cuba - your video was amazing and we was the best

rayan cuba - well done y4 we are the best

Annan cuba - My family and cousins love it so much we are amazing BEST ONE EVER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Muzzammil - I can't stop watching

Rahim - Amazing performance!!! Really loved it!

Najib's Dad - Surprised to see it and can't believe they can make. But they did it. Very very well done.

Tahias mum - well done everyone nice dancing and great ways to use a hoolahoop

Mahdi Rahman's sister Isma in Y1 - Amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annan's mum - well done everybody

Afrah - I loved it

Miraj - good work guys

Mahdi Rahman - CUBA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faiza - I don't like it I love it
Well done we did amazing Loved it !!!

Umm Taybah - Great video.. well done. Keep up the good work :)

Zainab ali - Fantastic team work year 4

Samiul - THE best one ever

Samiul - I loved it so much

Zainab - Amazing dancing year 4

Amaan - Fantastic

Rahim - Well done Year 4, the dance is full of energy!!! Keep it up

Muzzammil - It is so good

Ruben - Best of 2017

Ruben - We were excellent

Kim - Well done Year 4. Great moves and a fabulous video.

Inaayah - We all did a great job.

nabihah and saihaan - we all did amazingly

Miss Bano - I'm so proud year 4. You really sent out a strong message and we had so much fun in the process!

Najib - that was amazing.

Hafizah dad - Good teamwork , really loved the show

yumna - love it so much

Najib - That was amazing!

Ruben - best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Affan - I Absolutely loved it! Well done Mexico and Cuba class. We are the best!!

Miss Z Khan - Lovely team work. Well done Year 4!

Faiza - BEST VIDEO EVER !!!!

rabia - Well done everyone love the video and the dancing this is the best video in my whole life in primary sorry Mr Muhib and Mrs John well done Mrs Manard and Mrs Bano I HOPE WE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faiza - well done everybody.

Miraj - Best video ever good work guys!

Rabia(raeesh mum) - Great team work, lovely video

Rubens carer - Cool video

Ruben - Well done y4

Mysha - It's the best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zakira - Remember to watch it over and over again so we get more views it doesn't matter if we don't win it's all about having fun don't forget!

Zakira's mum - Well done guys wonderful performance great job


annan cuba - amazing i love that

Mrs Flanagan - Wow! Year 4 you have made a great film with a wonderful message for others to learn. Well done all of you!

Hafizah - Well done

Ruben - Great work everyone!!!

Inaayah - I agree with you Afrah.

Rosemeen - Love it! Xxx

Lana Basma - Wow! I love the dancing and music! Great job Year 4!

Samina - Great video

Ms R Naja - Well done Year 4!

Ms S begum - Fantastic

Tahmeed - So beautiful

Nuha - I LOVE IT!!!!!!! BEST THING IN YEARS!!!!!!!!

Arisha - Amazing!

Ms Bibi - Great moves year 4. I can see you are respecting everyone's right to join in and play (article 15).

Ruben - Great work Y4 Mexico & Cuba

Ruben - We are in this together!!!

Nuha! - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruben - Cool video

Zakira - Well done guys amazing performance. I really liked joining in and having fun with all of you guys.

yumna - Amazing

Zakira's cousin - Amazing work, loved the enthusiasm and participation. Make the most out of your time in primary and never bully anyone.

jumaymah - I like it

Tahmid - I didn't like it but I loved it

dad and Afrah - Well done very good and excellent

Charlie’s Mum - Well done everyone.
That was a great video.

Zakira - LOVE IT! Nice job guys

Tahia - Best video ever Miss Maynard, great dancing

tahia - I like it. Its the best video ever well done guys!

Amisha from Mexico class - Well done Mexico and Cuba class

Parmita - This the best one I ever seen in my life!

Aniqah Cuba class - that was the best and well done to me

Faiza - well done you used very good teamwork.

Inaayah - Well done everyone!

yumna - we did great

Afrah - THE BEST ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Z Begum - Best entry

Miss Maynard - Well done year 4! The dance is amazing and a great message!

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