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Anti-Bullying Week 2017 - Reception


Amin's mum - Beautifully choreographed film. Girls look like such cuties.x

Ayra Eliza rob - Amazing video kiddies, keep it up, LOVE IT!

Umar - Well done

Ameerah - Soooooooo cute:)

Amelias mum - Love this.. Great video on anti-bullying.


daniyals brother - Well done France class! This was a fantastic video!

daniyals mum - Such a fantastic video! All the children are AMAZING!

daniyals sister - WOW! That was amazing! well done France class!

nahi's neighbors - Very cute and amazing.SO ADORABLE.........

Mrs Flanagan - Great film Reception Classes! What a brilliant message to share - well done.

Mr Buggins - Some fantastic acting from Reception. Well done.

Ms Bibi - Great anti-bullying video Reception! :)

yumna - So cute

riyaat's sister (jumaymah) - Great video

Amin (Aliyah and Inaaya cousin) yr6 - That was amazing! Also very cute
I like it how you hug each other when someones lonely

Aniqah - Well done France and Spain

Aniqah Cuba class - That was the best

Aniqah Cuba class - Fantastic France and Spain

Hongzhi liu - Amazing!

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