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Anti-Bullying Week 2016 - Lime


Maya - I loved it.

Tahia y5 Madagascar - Best video so far

Luella madagascar - Woooo I loved it

Anonymous - This is brilliant

Sufiya - I like the song lime class

Rob - Great video with a great message!

Mr Cuthbertson - Well done Lime class. Your personality really came across in the video! You are great performers!

Fariha's mum - Loved watching the clip. Some very powerful words used to describe bullying. Well done Lime class, hope you win.

???? -  Wow!! I can't keep watching it!! Such a inspirational video

Summer - Great video guys! Well done :)

Ziyad - Smashed it!!!!!:)

Shona Neblett - Great video!

Kezia - Great Video Lime Class

Lara Batley - What an amazing video lime class! Has a strong and powerful message about anti-bullying. Well Done!!

Tahmina Talukders brother in law - Well done

Tahminas sister jamaly - Wow very good

Umar's auntie - This is amazing!!!!!! Well done 👍🏽

yaameen's mum - well done Lime class! That was amazing!

Tahmid poplar - I Like it I can't stop watching it

maryam lime class - I think we did awsome

Francesca - Well done lime class and Miss Maynard - fantastic video!

Tahia - you smashed it lime

Zainab - nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zainab - FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Hannah Lockey - Well done Lime class! What a lovely video xxx

mawadda dad - SUPER MEGA GREAT

Charlotte Steward - Fab video Lime class and Miss Maynard!

Zakaria - Great

Meg - Impressive stuff! Fabulous job!

mawadda mum - great job year 4

Zainab lime - Well done limes I love it

Ellie W - Well done super video!

Zainab lime - Fab likes you nailed it I have no words👍👍😍😱

Sulaiman - It was brilliant and wonderful.

Char - Great video with a lovely message. Well done guys😊

Neymar - You are the best lime class😃😎😂

T.J - I love this and the bagel eating was yasins favourite part and busted

Sulaiman - I loved it because it was funny.

Yaseenur - I love the video lime class, well done to all of you that took part

May Banks - Wow!! I can't keep watching it!! Such a inspirational video

Fatima - Such a thought provoking video- great team work Lime class!!

Surina - What an amazing video 👌

Lucia - Good video

Fahima sister - you all smashed it well done good effort I have no words my mind is empty well done

Chris - Well done

Harleen - What an inspiring video. Amazing effort Lime class 👍

Sonia Reynolds - Wel done good group effort.😄

Alex - lovely video

Lionel - Very well done, good job!

sarah - amazzzzzing

Avnish - You should be proud of yourself lime class

Jolanta - Great achievement - shows such a good message. No more bullying!

Carolina - WELL DONE

etleva - what a great job you have done. some potential future actors or actresses!

mischa - great video

Hannah - Great video!

Chris Roberts - Good job Lime Class!

Sulaiman's family -
We all loved it so much.

Suzanna - very good video guys

Nick - Wonderful message!

Sahil - good video

AJ - Great video! love the song choice

Tez - Great video guys! Great message!

Samantha - You should be so proud of yourselves

Andrew - Great effort guys

Graciela Berrios-Silva - This is fantastic well done!!!

Bradley - Fantastic Video! Such a strong message! well done

Shah Rukh Khan - Great video

Zoe - Good work lime class!

Tahmina - You smashed ! And love the song 💿

Iqra - You are fantastic

Ayan mum - Great

iffat - very good you guys might win

Fahimay4 - I don't like it but I love it great job lime class well done everyone I am proud

Yaseenur - Well done lime class fantastic work

Ibrahim from Chestnut - This isn't madness. THIS IS BRILLIANT 😂

Yasin - I love watching this!

Mrs Squires - Fantastic Lime class 😀 You are amazing 😀

Ronaldo - Really good

Tahmina-cozen - You smashed !😂

Ellahe chestnuts - Well done lime class I like your dancing

Umar's dad - I watched it 3 times because it was really good excellent lime class

Umar's mum - Well done to Lime Class what a wonderful video and a great message💯👍

Umar - Greatest video ever

Maryam's dad - very good video

Sulaiman - Nice song I hope you liKe it

Zainab limes - 💙💜👏🏼💖💖😘😘😘😂
LOVELY limes i love it !

Maryam's Mum - Great video! Well done Line class. You did it again!!

gaby gums - you smashed it all the way through the video

Zainab - We worked so hard and it was so fun

Zainab - Very nice well done:)

TAJKIYA Jannat Meherin - realy good

Tahmina-family - Fabulous work!!💖💖

mawadda - you smashed it lime class

Saarah's mum - Well done lime class you guys put a really good effort you smashed it

Zainab - Cant stop watching it

Sulaiman Cherry - Well done limes keep it up:)

Tahmina-nevu - Very good 😂

Zainab - Well done :)

Yaseenur dad - Well done yaseenur and his class mates

Wasim mum - Well done lime, wonderfull video😘😘😘

yas - We had soooooo much FUN

Adiba - I don't like it I love it!

yaseenur - You smashed it✴✴✴✴✴✴💫🔥

muhsina - Zainabs sister - Good job lime

Zainab's Mum - Great video, love watching the video and I can't stop myself from watching it again, again, and again!

Kamran Rahman - Good luck !💙💜

Bruno Nascimento - Really good. I loved the idea of taking in bullying with the class. Very important issue very well done to Lime class.

Zainab - well done

Rumi - Very good 💜

Tahmina & family - Wow so good !!!!!💖💖

Zainab - Well done keep it up

Tahmina & family. - I have no words lime!👻

Tahia's mum - Great job Lime I really enjoyed it.

zainab - lovely work

yaameen lime - I am so proud of ourselves!

Luella - I really like it I can express my fellings

Ayan - Brilliant lime class

Luella blu 👹👹👹👹👹 - Love it yo I want to see it again

MARIYA - We all worked very hard on our video IT WAS BRILLLIANT

saima - FANTASTIC!

Tahia's dad - It is a wonderful video. Great job Lime!

jawharah khanom - I loved it so much!

Iqra hornbeam - WOW its so good love the leap frog your worked as a team together

Mahdi (Rowan) - Great lime

yaseenur - Well done I realy liked it actually I don't like it I love it

💲yaseenur - Well done👑

Mr Muhib - Wow Lime class. So much talent on display. Great message about the importance of showing kindness and a wonderful song too. I'm rooting for you guys! (Don't tell Birch).

Georgia Bodfish - Great effort Lime class! -amazing 👍🏻👍🏻

Zia - Great video! 👍

Bun Barber - Such an amazing video 👌

Eliza - Wow!! What an inspiring and powerful video Lime Class- A really strong message for anti bullying- Well Done!

Heather - Happy children with a good message

Miss Bibi - Love the video Lime class. You have done a wonderful job in demonstrating how to respect everyone's rights and be kind. Well done 👏🏼

Danielle - Cool video!!

zainab - well done limes

Saarah y4 - Well done lime class

Afrah - So nice and lovely 😃🙂😉😇

Aamanee - Well done!
It was brilliant I have no words

zainab - well done limes keep it up:)

Tahmina Talukder - Very good effort😋


yaameen - Good job lime class!

Rachel Bridges - Fantastic Work!

TAJKIYA - you smashed it

saima - AMAZING!

Tom - nice video

Hagwar - Inspirational Miss Maynard and class. Teacher and class of the year!

Mr Meaker - Great Job!

Tahmina talukder Tahmina dad - I Love it!!!😍 it's wornderful👌🏻👌🏻

yaameen - I love are video it is BRILLIANT.

saima - Fantastic!

Tahia - Well done Lime

Miss Maynard - Lime class you are amazing what a fab video! :)

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