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Anti-Bullying Week 2016 - Chestnut


Enayah Cambodia - Well done Chestnut class I am proud of you keep it up

Tania - Great acting everyone

Umar - I liked your song

Summayyah - Fantastic Chestnuts that is the is the coolest video in Thomas Buxton School!

Adyan.A - good job ^^

Jamie Martin - Awesome work! :)

Sandra - Excellent video Clare!! Well done

Paul Martin - Excellent work, Chestnuts. Well done!

Tania - I hope we win that was brilliant good job chestnuts

Barry A Martin - Grand work chaps, that was cracking!

Suhayla sister - Well done im sooo happy you did excellent

Maliha's mum - well done Chestnut class that was funny and absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zaynah mum - That was very good {I think you're going to win} keep it up!

rayan - year 4 we are the best class ever love from rayanbernia

sami chestnusts - i think we did the best even if we lose.😁😁

Ellahe - keep it up

Tufayel - Ellahe's Dad - well done I think you're the best

miss king - That was amazing chestnuts(I think your going to win )keep it up!

Zaynah - That was the best

Iffat - Good job everybody we might win!! Even if we lose we are the real winners!😉‼️

Tazbid - WONDERFUL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I am so happy because my class did a excellent job, I like my class.

Sally Rawlinson - Well done Chesnuts! Great anti-bullying video! Think I saw some of Mrs Milne's dance moves in there too!


Lynn martin - Terrific! Well done, Chestnuts. You did a magnificent job and really looked like you had great fun doing it! Think we may see you on the stage in the future. Great message, put over excellently! You are definitely beating the bullies! Keep up the good work!

sami chestnusts - i love this video.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😜

Miss Borg - Well done Chestnut Class

Ellahe - it was so funny

Yasin's Aunty - Well done Chestnuts what a great message👏👍

Miss Baroot - Love it! This is too sweet Chestnuts

Miss Wright - Well done Chestnut class. I am very impressed with your video. It gives a very clear message. I will be showing it to the children in my class. Thank you!

Sarah Milne -
Aww very well done what a great video 😊.

Maliha chestnut - GREAT!!!


sumayyah in chestnut - Well done everybody i'm proud of you and nice dancing!!!

Bob Lowe - Well done all!

Summayyah's Sister: Rahimah - WOW!This is a really good video.i love it. Keep it up Chestnut. :)

Ibrahim from Chestnut - BEST VIDEO EVER Well done Every-one. Super Funny. The Dancing was hilarious 😄

Ellahe mum - Well done chestnuts

Emma - Great work!

Adian H - Good!!!!!!!!!!!

Iffat-Chestnuts - That was so funny!😂

IFFAT - Well-done I enjoyed acting ;)😂

Miss McShane - Great video guys. Well done. Sending a positive message in a fun way. I will be sharing this with my own class.

ISHAQ - We did the best in the whole school!

kile - wowy amazing

Karina - Brilliant video

Miss Maynard and Lime class - Great work! You have clearly put a lot of effort into your video and we all enjoyed it! You have done fab especially the dancing! :)

Tawfeeq's mum - Awwwww absolutely brillant.

Maliha Chestnut - Well done to my whole class I am really proud of them and I am proud of Mrs Milne fantastic recording.

shana - amazing job

mawadda - Good job

sami chestnusts - we did so good.

yasin's dad - Well done and what amazing video.

Cathy strachan - Excellent video with clear message. The children are Fantastic at putting the message across too. Some good moves also and great soundtrack

Binu - Savia I watched the elder and chestnut both really good!
Keep up the good work Chester class!
Say no to bullies!!!!!!!

Ur bestie! X

Miss Bibi - Wonderful message about friendship Chesnut class. This song makes me feel nostalgic! Love the video, well done 🙂

Graeme Strachan - An excellent message and sent in a clear and concise method, well done to all involved

Tahrima - great work.

Mkhanum - Well done guys very well played and love the song!! Good work

Anisa - Well done Iffat loved the video. Stay positive and love each other and say NO to bullying. An outstanding video! :)

Saminur Rahman[Elder] - Well done to all of Chestnuts their video is really good and I am really proud of them [including my sister, Maliha I am her bro].

arif - wow nice realy goooooooooooood

Yasin's mum - well done to chestnuts class wow.

Mrs Khanom - Wow!!!!!!
Great job Chesnut class, can I be your friend?

Ms Elliott - This make me so happy! Well done Chestnuts, glad to hear you'll all be there for each other.

Amisha (Birch Year 3) - Well done Chestnut Class the video is amazing!


Tahmid tanias sister - Good gob chestnuts class great video

Suhayla - That is great it was so funny you did well👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😋😙

Mrs Milne - Well done Chestnuts! Your acting skills are sublime! You really got that anti-bullying message across. I'm very proud of you! Mrs M x


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