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Children from Year 6 held a special assembly to mark the end of their time at Thomas Buxton Primary School.

We'd love to hear your memories and message from or about Year 6. Just leave them in the box below and we'll publish the best...


Nasir - Best year was when we had Tina in Yr 4( she left a comment up top) ahhh great memories

Musab undor - I didnt go to this primary but im missing you all so much. Thank you for making it the best year 6 mrs lorraine, thank you so much. Had the best exeperience ever. Love you X

Fahima yr1 Jabed sister - Great work guys I loved it so much that you guys made such an effort and you worked hard we will miss you guys so much hope you have a great time in secondary good luck GO JABED👍👍😊😊😊😍😍🙂

fahima jabed brother yr3 - well done I am proud of you jabed and everyone good assembly you guys made such an effort and you did all that hard work well done

Tasnia Choudhury sharks class - I miss everyone sooo much when they were in year 6 they used to be great role models to younger kids. I miss my class too that left after they did!! And to all my other friends in Sharks class.

Mrs Rahman - Really miss my Penguins (and Owls)- it was the best teaching experience for me. I watch the leavers assembly too once in a while and reminisce the year. I hope everyone is doing well in their new schools - and will soon be moving onto Year 8.

rita begum - heya guys
missin u all
miss all of the teachers
hi miss rahman thank u for being the best teacher missin all my class
take care everyone
make sure u guys come to picnic day

Sayiema Ahmed - Hello Everyone:D I\'m Missing Everyone..iwanna See You Guys Again. Imissing you Guys sooo Mucccch :\'( After Watching this,Tears Just Rushed Down My Cheeks. i don\'t know How I\'m living with out You guys. Why do we Have to Leave?? I Like My Secondary But i Miss Primary.iloveyou guys Soo Much.. iwant to thank All the Teachers Who helped Me & supported me In Everything. Hope fully, I\'ll see everyone On the Picnic Day, I\'m Missing You guys. byee Byee:\'(

Aneesah - I wanna cry, miss everyone lots. Thank you

Faieza Chowdhury - hi everyone I miss all of my year 6 mates and I really wish we didnt leave, I still miss primary and I wish everyone good luck!

mariea - Am really happy at my secondary school i love it!!!!! iv\'e moved to mulberry and am loving it, i miss you miss khutun XxxX

mariea - Our assembly was the Best!!!!!!!!!!! i miss u all and thanks for all your help at TBP

tina blacklock - how wonderful,excellent performance guys, i really miss the 2007 class of thomas buxton still remember most of them anyways best wishes and enjoy your new school

Your Name... - Rukhsar begum i miss everyone in my class I've been in Thomas Buxton since nursery and now I left!!! I love everyone there and all the teachers that helped and supported me in everything ,goodbye primary , hello secondary !!

nadia hussain - aww i miss u guys soooooooo much why did we have to leave .....thank u miss dibley 4 all the hard work for making me improve soo much . secondary feels so different now .OUR ASSEMBLY WAS THE BEST.MISS U GUYS.i really like this commenting box

Kylie Cameron - Yes Munira of course I remember you and all the other kids in our class. I look forward to seeing your leavers show next year :)

nabil - hope you are ok in your new school

Zara Kais - Hello :) Well Done Year 6, That was a GREAT Leavers Assembly!! :D You did great. I think It was better than our assembly! (I Was in Antelopes, 2011) It was Humourous&Interesting and I Just didn\'t want it to END! I\'m In Year 8 now; And I Wish you all the best for Secondary school. GOOD LUCK! ;)

maryam hoque - oh i miss our assembly so much and i wish we never had to leave...:(
i keep watching the assembly over and over again and keep crying!!!

Najifa... Sharks - well done yr 6 your assembly was mindblowing i hope you the very best for the future and hope you do great in secondary school. Hopefully next yr\'s leaving assembly will be as good (my yr) you will be missed by many children especially teachers including miss flanagan and miss king. by the way your takeovers were amusing :D all the best and going to miss you

hakimul islam - why do we have to leave! it was so emotional at the end of our show.i miss everyone so much!

sabina begum - awww i love the show and i am missing everyone in tbps!!!!! im crying so much!!!!!!!!!

Miss Dibley - Thank you Tasnim I'm missing you to! and everyone, and yes you did improve a lot since the first of year 6. Well done everyone!
p.s ::: my baby is a girl and her name is charlotte xxx ms dibley

Lorraine Flanagan - Hello everyone in Year 6 and all at Thomas Buxton Primary School. What an amazing end to a great year! I am so proud of each and every one of you, for your hard work, dedication and for being such a great group of people. It has been a pleasure to see how you have grown in confidence and in your achievements as learners. You are ready for secondary school and can face all the triumphs and challenges that lie ahead. Please come back to visit us next year, we look forward to seeing you. Mrs F :-)

suliman ahmed - best year 6 show ever !

Tasnim Choudhury - Hi Miss Dibley, Thank you 4 all the hard work you did with me, I THINK YOUR THE PERSON DAT MADE ME PROGRESS first came in yr 6 3c for maths and now 4B i am so proud of my grades all because of U!!! (I have got 554) I have achieved my target thank you ever so much!! WHAT DID U NAME YOUR BABY?

Samira from penguins - I hope you have a great time in your secondary school good luck. Miss you very much I hope we can see each other again good luck.

munira abase sharks - hi everyone i know im in year 5 but im gonna miss al the year 6s i wish you all da best in da future and by the way hello kylie do you remember me in yr 2 in gold class i miss you so so much !!!

najifa - well done year 6 your assembly was mindblowing hopefully next y when i am in year 6 our leaving assembly will be as good and i want to say that you have made everyone proud. good luck in secondary

Nishat Tamannah - When i left school i cried so much but now i am in year 8, its ok now.

anika sharmin - Why do we have to leave I started crying so much at the end

Rekha Shrestha Bisht - i just popped in the website to see what had happened recently you all were a wonderful yr 3 class and that was a fantastic assembly to finish off the school year! i remember most of you! and how much your all grown your all very good actors especially the one who\'s says mobilleee phone

joanna rybecyzia - well done

miss newman - well done and good luck in your secondary school! i keep on watching it!

nancy Dibley - my baby would just like to say hello to everyone that was a wonderful assembly you all worked so hard and all that paid off! well done to everyone and good luck in your new school ms rahman.thankyou ms dibley

Miss Bibi - Hi all! Just wanted to wish you all the best in your new Secondary Schools. You were all amazing year 6\'s and have shown us that you will all be fabulous role models in the future. Always be the best that you can be :)

Maryam Hoque - It is really upsetting that we have to leave Thomas Buxton. It was a great school and i am already missing it.Hope everyone the best in the future!!!!!:)

anika sharmin - I'm gonna miss tbp so much
I'm missing everyone don't wanna leave

Tasnim Choudhury - Hi guys, I miss u all, not trying to boast or anything, BUT OUR YR 6 Leavers ASSEMBLY was the best!!!! no-one can beat it!!! EVEN THE YEAR 5\'s LOL :D

sulliman ahmed - this was the best primary school ever and now i\'m crying a

Angie Lycett - well done I\'m missing you all already xxx

shuhena - Thankyou Ms Rahman and Ms Lycett

Nabib Ali - I'm missing everyone so much...:( i wish everyone the best in yr7 and i want to give al the teachers a big THANKYOU for helping me in Thomas Buxton ..........good luck:)

Sadia Rahman, Owls - I'll miss my class loads - I'll try and keep in touch!

Maryam Khan - thank you

Ima Hussain - It made me cry!:( I\'m missing everybody soo much!! wish everyone the best in their new secondry school! Good luck :)

Ima Hussain - Awww!! I\'m Ima Hussain from Owls class! I\'ve left on 6th February! This Yr 6 leaving assembly was TOTALLY AMAZING! I wish I was there.. I miss everyone! :\'( Good luck in yr 7!!

Tasnim Choudhury - I am a pupil from Thomas Buxton just wanted to let the staffs know that Ms Lorraine Flanagan made great progress in Thomas Buxton primary school and I will recommend this school to everyone I know!!! :)

muad ali - This was a very cool school and i have been crying all night because I am gonna leave.

Tasnim chouwdhury - Awwwwww I\'m missing everyone already

Nabib - Im missing everyone so much
I don\'t care who it is boy or girl I\'m missing everyone...
Thank you everyone for making this yr 6 the best yr 6 ever xxxxx

saif miah - I am one of the student that is leaving this year and will be going to my new secondary school.I want to say thanks to all the teachers who have helped me in primary school and i hope miss Rahman the very best at her new school.

Faieza Chowdhury - I am from the year six and i want to give a shout out to all the staff who have helped me achieve the best that I can be this year and I hope to visit soon so thank you every one a special thanks to Miss BiBi miss khatun miss Rahman and miss lycect and mr Miah

Kylie Cameron - I just happened to click on Thomas Buxton website and saw your leavers video. I can\'t believe how grown up you all are and that you are heading off to high school next year. You were a wonderful Reception class who I have fond memories. I wish you all the very best for next year in high school and hope all your dreams come true.
Kylie x

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