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Year 6 Leavers Film 2018


Maryam Chile (last year's class) - I miss year 6 but secondary is great. I miss everyone soo much and secondary just isn't the same without my old fellow classmates.
Miss you all very much!!!

Mahi - I love you guys you are my family I will miss you very much 😭

Saima - I will miss you

Hassan - Yo guys gonna miss yall

Tahmina madagascar - Gonna miss yr 6

Jihadul - I miss everyone 😭

Nuha - Goodbye year 6

Zaara - I am going to miss this school :)

Mrs Flanagan - Thank you Team TBP. What a great way to end the year. (You will be missed Year 6 and amazing staff leavers.) Have a great summer everyone.

Nora - Wow so amazing

Inaaya - It was so fun to make.

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