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How do I apply to be a governor?

Contact Governor services on 020 7364 5000 or email You can also directly contact the Headteacher or Chair of Governors.

Thomas Buxton Governors

Name Governor Type Start End
Mr Abdul Alim Parent 30/11/2016 29/11/2020
Ms Lelema Begum Parent 30/11/2016 29/11/2020
Ms Jenni Borg Co-opted 02/12/2015 03/12/2019
Mr Peter Cui Co-opted 30/11/2016 29/11/2020
Mrs Lorraine Flanagan Headteacher 27/04/2011  
Mr Aminul Hoque Parent 12/05/2015 11/05/2019
Mr Sajjad Miah Local Authority 24/06/2015 23/06/2019
David Hodges Staff 12/09/2018 11/09/2022
Mr Pervez Qureshi Co-opted 22/04/2015 21/04/2019
Mrs Jessica Ebika Edjua Co-opted 18/09/2017 17/09/2021
Momtaz Begum Parent 12/12/2017 11/12/2021

More about the Thomas Buxton Governors

Terms of Reference

Governors Code of Conduct

Governors Register of Interests

Governor Attendance 2017-18

Governors Attendance Policy

Governing Body Meeting Dates 2018-19

Guidance for Parent Governors

Former Members of the Governing Body

Name Term Ended
Abdul Q Chowdhury 04/07/2018
Ashikur Rahman 04/07/2018
Basitur Rahman 07/03/2018

For further information contact:

Governor services
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG