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X Factor 2018


Mrs choudhury(Tahmiduls sister) - Nice well done!

Hongzhi - Well done!

Nancy May - Well done to everyone who took part this year! Super well done guys

Sumsul & Shamima - Ibrahim You have done wonderful 😮, we are proud parents 😍

Amisha - I still look at this. Great work everybody!

Suhayla Kenya - Great work missing u guys in the holiday

Khadija - I like the assembly

Tania kenya - Team Work

Zikra - WOW! Amazing talents

Mysha - Everyone did so well 😊

Sireen - I miss you guys sooooooooo much. I feel like it was the best day ever. School is great however I am wishing that I visit the Thomas Buxton and thank you Tania.

Ayah yr3 - Just wow I just can't say anything. Just, just wow! So brave!

Zainab yr5 Madagascar - Well done everyone!!

Rushda’s Sister - Well done Rushda and Imani! Amazing performance?

Naila's Mum - Well done Naila and friends. The singing was very good and as for the actions... they were brilliant!

Tania - That was so nice and I really miss Sireen after this ???

Mrs Flanagn - Most talented children EVER! Well done Team TBP.

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