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National Poetry Day 2017


mawadda in madagascar - nice one to everyone it was amazing good job to all of you

Sumayyah - Well done Malaysia

SayfUddin colombia - Well done class! You have impressed me and our school

Thomas Buxton MalaysiA - Oh Malaysia class great idea for miss ralf to choose this poem

Suraiya -colombia - I just love work poetry day and this year it was amazing ????

fahima yr5 madagascar - very good I really love the different poem and how we all learnt it off by heart it was really difficult but I am happy about the poems they are strong YAY

Mr Muhib - Wow TBPS! Some great poetry recitals with inspiring lyrics about freedom. Great work!

Nuha in mexico - I fell of the chair when i saw this. I don't like it, I LOVE IT.

rahima in Malaysai - I just love the poem

rahima - well done everyone was fantastic

ENAYAH - i really like your poem. good teamwork

Mrs Flanagan - Oh wow, TBP! I am so impressed by your recitations. These are poems and words which change world and lives. Well done.

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