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Year 6's Shakespeare Rocks!

Year 6 gave it their all in their final performance at Thomas Buxton.


Inaya - Miss you guys
Secondary is so different 😝😝😝😝😝😝

Zara - Thomas Buxton is the best school ever!

Aymam - Great performance Year 6!

Nousheen - I miss Thomas Buxton so much

Umar - Like it

Ruben (y2) - Great work Year 6

tahia year3 - Well done

Ronya (whales class) - Wow! That is amazing I hope you guys have a great time in Secondary school 🐵🙈💋

Nadira - It's nice to go back and see everything that we've done in the past few years. I miss everybody

Mariya lions year 3 - great job koals

Halima - I miss thomas buxton soo much

abdulai - Thomas Buxton is awesome

Nadira - I love TBPS

farjana - missing u guys so much xx I wish to meet u all again. ITS HORRIBLE WITHOUT BESTIES :(

sabina - the picnic past but i still miss u guys

Faizah - I miss everyone so much , Southend was so fun. TBPS IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!

deya - That was so amazing and great

Zara - No matter what, Thomas Buxton is the best school ever! I miss everybody so much!

Raema - Thank you to the staff for helping us learn and giving us a great time at TBP. Memories are sooooo hard to FORGET!!!!!! BEST school ever.❤️💚💛💙

Raema - Hi everyone miss you guys sooooooo much. I've only been in TBP for one year but it felt like forever everyone was so welcoming, kind and funny. To me everyone was a friend. I'm gonna miss everyone so badly, hope I see all of you guys on year 6 and 7 picnic. Keep smiling never want to see u cry. 😭

Zara - I miss TBPS so much! I'll never forget the fun times we had like PGL, Southend, Adventure Island. I just want to come back to Thomas Buxton!

Maruf - I am gonna cry :( !!!!

Bushra - Miss everyone. At least I might see you lot at the picnic :)

Yaameen - I've been missing the school, and everyone in my year, since the second I walked through those gates. I hope I see everyone again.

Rema - Leaving primary was the hardest thing!

shucab - I will always miss this school and I hope I will see you again especially Abid and Kaysan, the class clowns.

farjana - Awww I'm gonna miss everyone so badly, definitely coming in September for the picnic see you all!!! ;)

sabina - I am going to see everyone at the picnic

Zaynah - I really am going to miss everyone!!! I hope that we get to see them again. I will personally will miss my best friend (and cousin) Maryam.

Mahima - I will miss you everyone!!!
I think Thomas Buxton Primary School is the best school EVER !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hassan - Bye everyone. I hope I see everyone again.

Ammar - I really liked it and Abdullahi was my friend

sabina - I only been here for 11 months but I will still miss you guys. I will never forget you .........this school is the BEST school in the whole wide world and the best memories

Kaysan - Bye bye, but I feel like coming back.


Meraj - I will miss my teachers so much !

Meraj ! - I have been here for only 6 months I don't want to go, you cant make me! :(

Mrs Flanagan - It was a special performance from a wonderful year group. You are the best Year 6 EVER!

Zikra - I will miss TBPS, last day tomorrow! I don't want to leave!

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It was great to see so many of you at Parent and Carer meetings this week and to share how well your children have done this year.

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