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At Thomas Buxton we take the safety of our children very seriously, both in the real world and online.  This page contains lots of information as well as some handy tips to help you stay safe online.

Leaflets for Parents

The best way to help keep our children safe online is for their parents and carers to have a good idea of the nature of the content to which they have access.  The following leaflets give helpful advice on how to protect your children when they are online:

Parents eSafety Leaflet Key Stage 1
Children, ICT & eSafety

Key Stage 2
Young People, ICT & eSafety

Keep Your Children Safe Online
How Social Media is used to encourage
travel to Syria and Iraq

eSafety Posters

A key component of our eSafety policy is to encourage children to 'Think, Then Click'.  This ensures they consider the kind of material that they may be accessing and ensures they take responsibility for their own eSafety.

Key Stage 1
Think, Then Click

Key Stage 2
Think, Then Click

Be Smart on the Internet

More Advice

There is also advice from a variety of agencies who are related to ICT in education.  Some of the best leaftlets are available to download below:

Signposts to safety

Social Networking: Hints and Tips


Becta is the Government agency promoting the use of information and communications technology; news, projects and resources on lifelong and special education.

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is a London-wide network connecting all schools and allowing them to share content and resources.

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