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Mission Statement

East 1 is a partnership of schools in Tower Hamlets. We work together to empower our community through raising the aspirations and achievements of pupils, families and staff.


Raising Aspirations; Broadening Horizons



  • To promote excellence through widening our pupils cultural, creative and sporting experiences
  • To develop pupil voice and leadership skills across the partnership
  • To make outstanding progress


  • To empower parents to play an active role in their children's learning
  • To develop parents’ skills for employment and increase their awareness of career opportunities for themselves and their children
  • To improve the process of primary secondary transfer within the cluster


  • To develop best practice of teaching, learning and leadership across the partnership

Strategic vision

2014 - 15 Healthy Families

2015 - 16 East 1 Arts

2016 - 17 East 1 Writers

2017 - 18 World of Work and Technology

School Leads and Responsibilities

The Scholars Programme

The Scholars Programme aims to address the widely-recognised issues around social mobility and aspiration amongst disadvantaged young people from deprived areas, such as those eligible for Free School Meals,  and their failure to access places at Russell Group universities. Underpinning the programme is a conviction that aspiration to achieve academically and personally is best embedded during formative years and that positive outcomes will most obviously arise with the support of committed parents.  We insist that educational activities exceeding National Curriculum requirements, ones which focus on personal and intellectual development and which also span the transition between primary and secondary schooling, are essential for creating a platform from which young people can fulfil their potential.

The Scholars Programme provides a structured programme of wider teaching and learning, including exposure to extension teaching and introduction to new subjects outside of the normal curriculum.  It offers visits from inspiring people and to inspiring places (including Oxbridge colleges), residential study and development programmes at an independent boarding school, programmes of sporting and cultural activity and educational trips around Britain and Europe. 

Summary of Pupil Parliament Project

The East 1 Schools’ Pupil Parliament is a pupil voice event which gives school councillors from year 2 to year 11 the opportunity to participate in decisions about issues that are concerning them within their local community.  The event is sponsored by Norton Rose.

Before the event, the individual School Councils meet to decide what topics they would like to discuss on the day.  Once the topics have been agreed the individual school councils then meet to discuss and develop questions based on the theme headings. 

During the event, the parliamentarians have the chance to ask a panel of experts questions about the issues that are concerning them and to obtain advice about what action they can take to help alleviate these issues.  During the day, the parliamentarians work in mixed school groups to consider the advice from the panel and to develop an action plan for the academic year, which identifies their priorities for the year.

Each group shares their ideas with the Parliament and these ideas are used to develop an action plan for the East 1 Schools’ Partnership.

Transition Programme

The East 1 Schools’ Transition Programme has focussed on ensuring that parents make an informed decision about the secondary schools they apply to.  The transition programme has also focussed on starting the transition process in the summer term of year 5, so that parents have enough time to gather the secondary school information that they need.  Through the programme, pupils from year 5 and above, have had the opportunity to attend events held at Swanlea School so they can become familiar with a secondary school setting. The programme has also offered primary and secondary colleagues the chance to share best practise which has impacted on both the primary and secondary curriculum.

You can find out more information on the E1 Schools website.

News & Letters

Newsletter - 14th July 2017

It was great to see so many of you at Parent and Carer meetings this week and to share how well your children have done this year.

School Calendar

  • 26/07 Summer Holiday
  • 04/09 INSET Day
  • 05/09 Term Starts
  • 23/10 Half Term
  • 21/12 Last day of term
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