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Leavers Film 2015/16


Elial - I love your leavers film and I am also proud

nora penguins - This is fun I love this!!!!!!

Saima - I love it so so so so so much

Annan - That was really fantastic that day

samih - That brought a tear to my eye

Umar and mikail - Well done

Amisha - Love it so much and it was super funny!

Eva Rahman - I love this video!

Imri - I don't want anybody to leave.

Ruben - Super funny

Fahimayear3 - Thank you so much to all the teachers that are leaving.

Ibrahiim(Yr6) - Going to miss this place :(

tamanna - Hi guys already missing you guys. I will miss all the teachers, especially Mr Downs. Thank you for supporting me and I really enjoyed being in yr 6.
I will miss you a lot!

Rahela - I cried while I was watching this video it is soooooooo heart-warming. I will miss all the teachers and T.A's that have been supporting me. I love this video :(

Saniyah Whales - I love this video! SOOOO FUNNY AT THE END!
I will miss all the leavers!!! :(

Miss Dibley - Wishing you all the best guys! Brilliant video- miss you all xxx enjoy your summer break xxx

Umarah:] - I will really miss all the teachers that are leaving :(

Dolphin Class - We love the video!!!!!!

Mr Neville - Thank you to everyone for a wonderful three years. I'll miss you very much.

Rizwan's Mun (owls class) - Lovely nice to see the childen and teachers having FUN FUN FUN FUN together :) Even my son taking part in it.

Yasin - Thomas Buxton that was the best

Iqra - So funny

Belinda King - Absolutely love this video TBP! I still miss you all loads.

Yasin - Thomas Buxton - that was the best

Ruben - i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Elliott - Amazing!

FahimaAktherAli - That was the best. I am really going to miss all the teachers that are leaving.

Lorraine Flanagan - Thomas Buxton Primary School, you are an amazing group of people. Thank you to everyone who has made it a wonderful place for children, families and staff. Let's see what we can achieve next year!

Ruben - It was the best song ever!

shaek 123 owls - I love it, am going to keep on looking at this 10000000 times!

shaek 123 owls - Oh my gosh!

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