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Anti-Bullying Week 2016 - Rowan


annan - best thing ever

Raeesah's cousin - WELL DONE ROWAN ! Think you done a great job .All I need to do is count to 3 and you'll be there.

Tamanna - I love it Rowan

Mr Cuthbertson - This is by far the best anti-bullying video in all of the United Kingdom, perhaps the best in the whole world! Well done Rowans. I am the lucky to have such wonderful, thoughtful children in my class.

samiya rowan - wow amazing

Umar hawthorn - Love it

rayan rowan - amazing I love it

Nazmul ( Najib's Dad ) - I am impress to see the acting that they have done !!!

Najib - Very good! Rowan class you guys can do it!

ANIQAH - I love the video and well done rowan class

Hongzhi in hawthorn - The song is good

Isma (mahdi sister) - Well done! You're the best class out of the whole school!!!!!

fatima rowan - keep it up

Siham - Loved it it was epic

affan yr3 - well done,it was the best viedo ever.


mohtasim - well done and I can count on you like 432 well done

mohamed y3 - i will watch this 1000 times WE ARE THE BEST

Mahdi - I can count on rowan like 123 you'll be there

Mohtasim - Well done roman class you are the best class in the school and you have the best teacher well done


Rahela (Turtles Class) - Well done Rowan class! That music video made me cry a lot but also made my day. Thank you very much! =)

Samiul Mum - Well bone Rowan class🙂

Naila annan alom mum - Well done to evry body in Rowan class😘😘😘

rayan rowan - well done rowan I like my class

Farhan - Well done amazing


Umar - That was excellent. I think Rowan was the best

Miss Bibi - Excellent video Rowan Class! This song is a particular favourite of mine for its clear message of friendship and being there for one another. Great job 👍

mohtasim - this is so amazing guys even my sister liked it well done she really misses primary school well done

saira - wow rowan class when i was little that was my favourite song ever so that was a great video. this comment is from Saira from hornbeam.

Amanda in rowan - Good job very well done

adil hornbeam - Nice video MR C!

mahdi - i can count on rowan like 4 3 2

Annan - It was the best thing ever

Ms Elliott - Every time I watched you cheer each other up, you cheered me up! Such a lovely video Rowan class, well done. Nice to know we can count on you.

saima - Well done!

Farhan - Amazing I love it

Ms Burns - Very moving.

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