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Anti-Bullying Week 2016 - Cherry


Amira's mum - Watching this video at work, I cant stop smiling, really made my day =).
Looks like the kids had so much fun making this video. Well done class Cherry and Miss Alom.

Ahsanul - Good videoπŸ˜‰

Ahsanuls dad - Good luck cherry class

Adam's mum - Great job.
Well done Cherry class you done an amazing work.
Thanks to the teachers and staff who put the effort and the hard work to make the children understand what is bullying and making them aware..❀️❀️

Mariyam - So cute nice work Miss Alom

Tania - Well done cherries class great video

Mr Cuthbertson - Well done Cherry Class! Your video has gone viral. You are Youtube sensations!

Ms Uddin - Love this video Cherry Class! well done!

Umar in year 2 - Well done cherry class

Miss Alom's Uncle - This video looks fantastic! The kids look so happy & positive. Great work Miss Alom, love from Bangladesh :)

Fareha - Kids look adorable, well done Miss Alom, great job! #ThumbsUp :)

Kimberley - Cute video Miss Alom!

Iqra Taha Ahmed's Oldest Brother - This is a very nice video. It shows how frendship leads to happiness... :-)

Iqra Taha Ahmed's Mum - Well Done Cherry Class!!!

Ruhel Islam - Fantastic video, great work from all the teachers and pupils. Cherry class is the best!

Liyana - Reach out the stars

Sulaiman 'a Mum - I love the song. 🎹

sulaiman - this is fantastic well done chery

Ms Elliott - Fantastic video Cherries. What a lovely message too - reach for the stars and take care of each other. P.S. I really enjoyed coming to your class today and can't wait to see your Goldilocks stories when you've written them.

Mr M Ahmed - Great video. Well done to Cerry class and all the team members.

Yasmin - Nice to see all the kids having a good time whilst spreading a very important message!

sami chestnusts - this is so cute.😘😘😘😘😘😘

Miss Dickson - Fabulous video Cherry Class! You are all stars!

Miss Borg - Lovely video Cherry Class

Shazida - Cute video! Looks fun!

Younes(Nour's brother) - Well done children ,you're great .well done NourπŸ‘

Kolly - Great video Miss Alom!

Ash - Well done Miss Alom I think you done an amazing job. Keep up the good work! Well done to the kids as well.

Abdul - Well done Miss Alom. Great video πŸ‘πŸ‘

Iqra hornbeam - WOW i think you guys will win i loved it great job with teamwork you done two of the TBPS values fabulous β€πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œ

Riyad - This is amazing video

Riyad - This is amazing video

Shamima - They look so small, cute and edible! Has definitely left me with an appetite to watch more Miss Alom!

Waite & Rose - Fantastic work! We loved your video!

Inqiyad Year 5 - Well Done Cherry. Very nice. :0

abida - i really enjoyed it!

Iqra's Baby Auntie - Well done to everyone. :)

sulaiman - it is fun

Nazma Choudhury - This video is melting ice all the way in Yorkshire. Eliza's Aunty from Yorkshire.

Alfie brother - I don't like it I love it

Christine umar's mum cherry class - Well done umar and class fantastic video

Jiyaad - Well done (πŸ‘)cherriesπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

siham - that video was so cute and awesome you guys are cherrie superstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nabilah - Good job affa! Miss Alom all the way!

Nazia - Congratulations miss Alom.excellent work .keep it up.

Gerry - Awesome work little Cherries!

Shahed - Great to see passion still exists in some teachers. Kids seemed to really enjoy it! Fantastic

Mr Ahmed - Great video

Ambia - Great video! Made me smile all day!!!

Ema - Very nice video

Reema Begum - Well done cherries such a fun energetic young group. I saw my bubba Maysoon she's our famous lil star love the song to go with the dances ❀️❀️

Fateha Begum - Wow! Miss Alom, you all did a great job! I love it :)

Bodrul - Excellent stuff ... Great song ... Keep up the good work Miss Alom

Eman Haiyum - Lovely video...keep up the good work cherries!

Abdul Raheem - Wow.. Great video, really uplifting!

Liyana - I love ❀️ you're song

Aouatef Zine - It's fantastic cherry πŸ’

sulaiman - This is amazing.

Ayah - It was so fun 😍

Mr Rahman - Super video Sulaiman!

Mrs Baradinskiene - Super stars!

Mr Rahman - Super video Sulaiman!

Sulaiman - Yes we are winning.

Sulaiman's Mum - Congratulations on this brilliant video, love it! Great actors and actresses! Well done Cherry Class:)

Miss begum - Well done

Imanis sister - Great video!

Rumi - Uplifted even grown up me! Well done Cherries.

sulaiman - well done

Maysoon (Sahara's sister) - I loved dancing!! This is so amazing! Well Done everyone ! :)

sulaiman - well done cherry class! keep it up:)

Alfie's Dad - Cool video!

Hannah - Such a happy looking class! Great work!

Alfie - It's fantastic!

shana chestnut - i love it

Khadija - Great work! Well done :-)

nabihah - well done cherry class good effort.

Iqra W - The best class in the world

Nour'dad - What good acting cherry class keep it up!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰

Nour's mum - well done to everyone.What a great dancer Nour

Miss H Begum - This is a great video! Well done !

Rushda's sister (Raema) - Hello everyone! You guys did an amazing job. I loved the song! I'm a 2014 student of TBP. I miss everyone! :)

ahsanul - well done

Kaiser - I enjoyed a dancing in the video.

Iqra's Auntie - Well done everyone!

Mr Gani - Fantastic work Cherry Class - full of enthusiasm and energy!

Nour's mum - What amazing video well done everyone.

IMRAN ALI - Congratulations! what a great video!

Alfie's Mum - Well done Cherry class... A great video!

Khadija - Amazing, well done cherry class

Mahmuda akther - I am so happy to see that they doing really amazing performance well done everyone

Mrs Calpa-Fleming - A fantastic video Cherry class!!! well done

Iqra's Aunty - Great video! Well done everyone πŸ‘

Ms Nowrin - Love the choice of song.

Ms Begum - Wonderful! Doing an amazing job!

Iqras Dad - Well done to everyone

Salma Khanam - Fantastic video! Well done cherry class!

Miss Begum - I loved that! Well done Cherry Class!

Mofozzul - Brilliant performance by very energetic young talent .its absolutely fabulous

Imani - This is amazing.

Rushda - I had fun making the video!

Abida - That was fun.

Halima - It was so much fun making the video!

Mr Miah - That looks great!

Cliff - Cool singing!

Mr Alom - Fantastic work little Cherries! Proud of you Ms Alom :)

Henna - This is a great video! :)

Jeba Begum - Well done Miss Alom very inspiring.Am really proud of u.😘

Nour's cousin - Well done cherries class everyone looks amazing.

Miss Naquvi - Such an energetic and happy class! Well done Cherry and we'll done Miss Alom :)

Rita - Fantastic work!

Jakir - Great work :)

johura - This was a lovely video! X

Miss Mutuku - 😍Love the sentiment! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Rezwana - Amazing video!

Afruz ali - I think this video is just "AMAZING" Very well done!

Ms Khanom - Amazing stuff lead by an amazing teacher

Salma - Awwww how cute! This is amazing πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Marie Ali - Amazing video!

Jav - Well done Miss Alom's class!!

Mahmoodah - Nice to see kids dancing to one of the old time favourites. Lovely and warm video by talented kids.

Zainab Hamzas cousin sister cherry class - Wow
Well done Hamza
I loved how u and ur class worked together to make aware ness for no to bullying!
Keep up the good work all staff at Thomas Buxton!
Your all doing an amazing job!

Ferdousi - Children look super happy, full of life, excellent message sent across to all us viewers, keep up the hard work πŸ‘

Ambia - Great video! Looks like a lot of hard work & fun!!!

Shadique - They look adorable! Great work Miss Alom.

Tasnim - That's so cute! Made me smile through out the whole video. It's great to see that all the children had fun making this! Awesome!

Tahrema - This is amazing!! How cute do the lil ones look. Fantastic work Miss Alom. πŸ˜† keep it up!

Jasmin - Well done- this is amazing!

Miss Alom's Dad - Looks great!

Nadeem - Well done, looks great!

Miss Alom's Mother - Lovely video!

Bart - Much cool. Very wow.

Halima - Such a wonderful video by Cherries! Great job! ^__^

Azad Hoque ( kaisers dad) - Movie clip was funny, cheerful and made me want to join in. πŸ˜ƒ

Miss Bibi - I love the message in your video Cherry class of raising your aspirations and aiming high! Remember we respect everyone's right to join in and play by being the best that we can be. Great job πŸ‘

Mrs Rahman - Brilliant work!!

Mrs khatun - Great video, sooooo much energy!

Mrs Mahfuj - Very inspiring videoπŸ‘

James Hynes - Fantastic! Well done Cherries

Clare - Good work cherries!

Tausif Raj - Well done Cherry Class:)

Shimi - Brilliant

Emily - Well done anisa :)

Fahmida - Miss Alom it is great to see your cherries look like they feel safe and happy . They are showing how loving and helpful they are as friends. Best thing of all is that they are having fun!!!!!

Muhsina (sulaimans sis) - very good

Sonia Karim - Wow! This is fab!

Tanya Rahman - Amazing video! Well done Miss Alom and Co. :)

Masuma - Great job!! =)

Mrs.Rashid - What a delightful video! Thumbs up πŸ‘

Miss Khanom - The video was so fun to watch..well done Cherry class and Miss Alom

Miss Khanom - Great video! Lovely to see the children enjoying themselves whilst expressing the joys of friendship. #thumbsup

Claire - Wow what an amazing video! Miss Alom you should be very proud of your little ones! Well done class!!

Ms Hussain - Throwback to the 90's, I love it miss alom

Jaeema - Well done Miss Alom's Class!! :)

SAH - This is really good! Absolutely amazing!

Adam Bouroufa - epic cherry class i used to be in this school in year 6 and your is much time better than ours and i love the dancing especially the one with the microphone.

Miss Ouano - Wow fantastic work children! :)

yaameen - That was great! I loved it!

iqra Wahid - We made a fantastic video please keep commenting!!

Mr Ahmed - What a fun yet thought provoking video. Great work from the kids. Absolutely loved it. #Wicked

Sultana - An amazing video, made me smile all d way πŸ˜„

Nour's dad - What amazing video I can't stop watching it well done.

Mrs Begum - Well done

Nour's aunty - well done miss Alom's class that was amazing.

Nour's mum - Love the children dancing wow that was fantastic.

Rokeya - Super cute!

Nayema - Well done Cherry class.

Adyan.A - wow!

Waheeda - A fun video to watch!! Well done to Miss Alom's class!!

Ms Zinath Begum - Never stop reaching Cherry class - you are all stars!

Sheikh Muhit - Video is looking great. Excellent choice of song to go with the theme. Well done to Miss Alom
and her class!

Rina Begum - Fab video! Well done Miss Alom and her class!

Salma - Absolutely love the video, amazing work :)

Mr Khan - This is amazing!

Tony - Well done Miss Alom's Class!

Mr Akther - This looks great!

Mrs Akther - Wow, what a great video! My little superstars! :)

Miss Baroot - Wow! This is fab! :)

Miss Alom - I am so proud of my little Cherries! We make a fabulous team! :)

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