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Sometimes it's good to face that challenge head on.

TBP_Headteacher | 6 days ago via Twitter

Ahoy there!

Nursery have been on a pirate adventure! We sailed away to an island where we found a treasure map. We drew our own maps and searched for treasure in different places. We made our own treasure and...

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What it means to be a follower of Buddha?

Year 5 have been learning about what it means to be a follower of Buddha. We have learnt about Siddhartha Gautama’s life and teaching, including the five precepts and the three jewels. We then...

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We Are Technicians

Year 3 have been learning about Technicians. We had the opportunity to interview a real-life technician to find out the kinds of things they do during a typical day. We learnt about the equipment...

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We are rights respecting school

What rights do we respect in our school? As a class discuss all the different ways we respect these rights  and reply to this blog post telling us what you all do! Eijaz (School Ambassador)  

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Light and Shadow

Today Year 3 conducted a Science Investigation about Light and Dark. We spent some time making observations in the Medical Room with the lights on. We then had an even more exciting time sitting in...

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Ancient Egypt and Mummification

Ever wondered how important people like pharaohs were mummified?     The Egyptians believed that after death they would have a new kind of life called the afterlife. As well as needing all their...

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Welcome to our school website.

Thomas Buxton Primary School is a two-form community primary school with a nursery. We are situated right in the heart of Whitechapel's vibrant, multicultural community. 

The Headteacher is Mrs Lorraine Flanagan, you can find out more information about the school on this site and in our prospectus.


Well done to everyone who has come into school on time and every day this week...


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Newsletter - 10th February 2017

What a great end to a happy and eventful half term. Well done to everyone for making Attendance Focus Fortnight such a success.

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